Brotherby Meat Wave (Vinyl Record)

Meat Wave: Brother (Vinyl LP)

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Limited 45RPM red vinyl LP pressing. 2014 mini album from the Chicago-based Punk/Pop trio. The band's chemistry between Chris Sutter (vocals, guitar), Joe Gac (bass) and Ryan Wizniak (drums) propels their songs with undeniable force and charisma. 'Brother' is a raw, under-two-minute romp that is both claustrophobic and restless. It is joined here by six other slices of crucial pop-punk, including the vicious, swaggering 'Sham King'. As one fan described them on Bandcamp earlier in 2014, Meat Wave are snotty and radical and explosive - like sneezing while eating pizza. Chow down! Brother - Meat Wave, Sham King - Meat Wave, Sunlight - Meat Wave, It's Not Alright, Mystery, The Truth, I've Got Ants