Holt, John: 3000 Volts of Holt (Vinyl LP)

Holt, John: 3000 Volts of Holt (Vinyl LP)

Kingston Sounds

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LP version. Kingston Sounds present a reissue of John Holt's 3000 Volts Of Holt, originally released in 1977. The 3000 Volts Of Holt album was the third in a series of records that launched John Holt into the UK charts in the 1970s. To say that every home had a copy of a 1000 Volts (1973) and many 2000 Volts Of Holt (1976) might be an overstatement, but it certainly felt that way, as all good radio stations and parties seemed to have these tracks on permanent rotation. 3000 Volts Of Holt was the more roots sounding of the three albums, but it still carried that sweetened string sound that set these recordings together. 3000 Volts also featured the first recordings that Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare played on together. Kingston Sounds get this version back out on the streets where it belongs, especially on vinyl so those new reggae blues parties can again spin some fine vintage John Holt magic... Sit back and enjoy Let's Get It While It's Hot, In The Springtime, Let's Kiss And Say Goodbye, Winter World Of Love, Oh What A Day, Let's Do It Long, No Place Like Home, Ungrateful Lady, You Will Never Find Another Love Like Mine