John Fahey: The Yellow Princess (Vinyl LP)

John Fahey: The Yellow Princess (Vinyl LP)

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This particular John Fahey LP is a personal favorite of many of his devout fans for several reasons. And although such a judgment is tough, if one were looking to own only one album by this unique guitarist, the Yellow Princess could be the one. The recording sound is among the best of his many releases; at the proper volume, the effect is as if one had taken up residency inside the sound hole of a giant acoustic guitar. The program of pieces is marvelously emotional and varied, with many moments of precisely stated harmonies moving at courageously slow tempos. 180-gram vinyl. Yellow Princess, View (East from the Top of the Riggs Road/B;O Trestle), Lion, March! for Martin Luther King, Singing Bridge of Memphis Tennessee, Dances of the Inhabitants of the Invisible City of Bladensburg, Charles a. Lee: In Memoriam, Irish Letter, Commemorative Transfiguration and Communion at Magruder Park