Soul Of Disco 1by Joey Negro (Vinyl Record)

Joey Negro: Soul Of Disco 1 (Vinyl LP)

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Disco-nut producer Joey Negro and fellow crafty crate-digger Sean P presented the first of their great Soul Of Disco albums (ZEDD 007CD) in 2005, rammed to the rafters with classic, rare, hard to find gems from the era that brought us fantastic music and sparkly platforms. Now, more than ten years later, the album finally sees a gatefold double vinyl release featuring ten of the best tracks from volume one of the series. These rare and highly sought after tracks 12 inches would likely be very expensive, if someone would be lucky enough to find them in the first place. This collection spans from 1976-82, with an R&B slant and more song-based material. It is intended to show that there were a few more sides (many more to come, of course) to one of the last century's biggest musical phenomena. In a compilation brimming over with accessible earthiness, rawness and downright soulfulness, Joey and Sean continue their mission to help us understand how disco's influence is still shaping music 30 years after it broke into the mainstream. Features: Tenderness, The Disco Fox, Jesse G, Velvet Hammer, Zebra, Sandi Havens, Sargeant & Malone, Milton Hamilton, The Sparkles and Natural Order. Gotta Keep on Trying - Tenderness, The Fox - Disco Fox, That's Hot - Jesse G, Party Hardy - Velvet Hammer, Closer to the Feeling - Zebra, Happy - Sandi Havens, Love Message - Sergeant ; Malone, We Have All the Time - Milton Hamilton, Trying to Get Over - the Sparkles