That the Days Go By & Never Come Againby Indigo Mist (Vinyl Record)

Indigo Mist: That the Days Go By & Never Come Again (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. Trumpeter-composer Cuong Vu has established himself as a distinctive voice on the new music/improvising scene for his adventurous work over the past 20 years with the likes of guitarist Bill Frisell, Pat Metheny and Laurie Anderson as well as his body of works as leader. Electro-acoustic composer and pianist Richard Karpen has earned accolades for his work in the classical field as well as for being a cutting edge sonic experimenter of the highest order. Joined by their faculty colleagues at the University of Washington, innovative bassist Luke Berman and Vu's longstanding bandmate, drummer Ted Poor, these two kindred spirits push the envelope in a myriad of provocative ways on THAT THE DAYS GO BY AND NEVER COME AGAIN, an extended suite that pays tribute to the indelible composing team of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn in a most uncompromising fashion. L'heure Bleue, Indigo Mist, Flower Is a Lovesome Thing, Billy, Duke, In a Sentimental Mood, Charles, Lush Life, Electric Mist, Mood Indigo