Worldservice Project: For King & Country (Vinyl LP)

Worldservice Project: For King & Country (Vinyl LP)

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For King And Country (LP) Worldservice Project are the leading specialists of Brit 'punk-jazz', two of the most alarming genre titles in the history of 20th Century music. Combined, they create an intriguing mix of Frank Zappa, Weather Report, Meshuggah and Stravinsky - all spiralling around in a Monty Python universe. Worldservice Project launch their highly-anticipated third album; For King and Country on Rare Noise Records. Fresh (or not so fresh!) off the back of mammoth tours across America, Europe and China, the epic and anthemic live sound of Worldservice Project is both thrilling and heart-wrenching, with a theatrical live performance thrown in for good measure. Dave Morecroft keyboards/vocals Tim Ower saxophone Raphael Clarkson trombone Arthur O'Hara bass Harry Pope drums Chris Sharkey guitar Flick the Beanstalk, Fuming Duck, Murano Faro, Son of Haugesund, Go Down Ho'ses, Chamonix, Mr Giggles, Requiem for a Worm