Larry Levan's Paradise Garage: Legend Of / Variousby Various Artists (Vinyl Record)

Various Artists: Larry Levan's Paradise Garage: Legend Of / Various (Vinyl LP)


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'Following on from the previous 3 volumes of high quality Disco heat dug from Salsoul's legendary back catalog we have here the 4th and final installment of selections that were favored by DJ-demi God Larry Levan on the dancefloor of his seminal, game changing NYC nightclub The Paradise Garage. That's right, high quality Disco, Boogie, Funk & more is the order of the day here with prime-time hits flawlessly rubbing shoulders with underground cuts in a way that mirrors Levan's open mind & faultless ear for music. This is an essential release for those who dig the Disco sound & want to have all these incredible records in one place, or for newcomers who wish to explore the sounds & vibe of one of the greatest DJ's of modern times & who want to get down to some of the tracks that have shaped modern day club culture. His never before released remix of Sparkle's Handsome Man sits alongside classics from Candido, The Salsoul Orchestra, First Choice and Instant Funk. Hit and Run - Loeatta Holloway, Getaway - the Salsoul Orchestra, I Know You Will - Logg, Dancin and Prancin - Candido, Sun After the Rain - the Salsoul Orchestra, Changes Go Around - First Choice, Handsome Man - Sparkle, Bodyshine - Instant Funk, Ten Percent - Double Exposure, Law and Order - Love Committee, Unreleases Larry Levan Mix - Sparkle - Handsome Man