Jacques Renault: Zentrum (Vinyl LP)

Jacques Renault: Zentrum (Vinyl LP)

Let's Play House Rec

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Jacques Renault has traveled the world round many times (we're betting he's clocked a few hundred thousand miles); played the biggest clubs and smallest rave caves alike; worked with and for bigwigs, hotshots, up-and-comers, local friends, and foreign pals met through couch-surfs, house parties, and crate-digs; released original and remix material on a litany of labels that, as a whole, reads as a who's who of 21st century dance music culture; been half of a renowned production duo (Runaway); and helmed a handful of labels, Let's Play House included, since his humble beginnings, as a rookie DJ in his Chicago dorm, circa 1997. While his professional career?or what comes closest to what one would call a professional career?didn't kick off until the release of RVNG of the NRDS, Vol. 6, on Rvng Inlt., in 2008, and the NYC residences he presided over during the years before that, he's been either on the periphery or at the epicenter of this crazy world of house jams and disco edits and techno bangers for one hell of a long time. Goodnight Moon, Redlight Rubber, Your Sugar, Swing That Body, Mi Casa Samba, Words, MMMHMMM, Pleasure Lake, Turbo Punsch, Touch You, Faith