Baauer: Aa (Vinyl LP)

Baauer: Aa (Vinyl LP)


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Limited double vinyl LP pressing. 2016 release, Baauer's long awaited debut album, Aa. Following the smash’ GoGo!’ single (2015), The ß EP with Rae Sremmurd and Alunageorge (2014), laser-etched vinyl 12 Dum Dum (2013), and genre defining 'Higher' with Just Blaze and Jay Z (2012) - not to mention the Harlem Shake phenomenon. Baauer sets off again to change contemporary American dance music with this highly anticipated album. Aa (pronounced 'double a') is a record that could only be made by a kid born of New York inspired by rap and dance music culture, traveling the globe sampling and processing found sounds. This is bright, stadium, urban dance music from the 26-year-old Portuguese New Yorker (via London and Philadelphia) known as Harry Rodrigues.. With special guests Future, Pusha T, M.I.A, Novelist, Leikeli47, Rustie and Tirzah, also continuing his visual collaboration with multi-medium artist, Jonathan Zawada. Church, Gogo!, Body, Pinku, Sow, Day Ones (Feat. Novelist ; Leikeli47), Good ; Bad, Way from Me (Feat. Tirzah), Temple (Feat. M.I.A ; G-Dragon), Make It Bang (Feat. TT the Artist), Kung Fu (Feat. Pusha T), Church Reprise (Feat. Rustie), Aa