Current 93: The Moons At Your Door (Vinyl LP)

Current 93: The Moons At Your Door (Vinyl LP)

The Spheres

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Opaque white LP in black gatefold sleeve bearing outer and inner artwork by David Tibet, including back cover art unique to the vinyl version. Gnostic cartoon supergroup Current 93 present their 93rd (!) album, The Moons At Your Door. The work consists of two long tracks, The Moons At Your Door and There Is A Grave Yard That Dwells In Man, and reveals, yet again, an unexpected sidereal shift in C93's vision and voice. This album follows the January 2016 publication of David Tibet's The Moons At Your Door: An Anthology of Strange Tales, of whom this album is the sister. A1. the Moons at Your Door, B1. There Is a Graveyard That Dwells in Man