Simko, Kate & Howard, Tevo: Polyrhythmic (Vinyl LP)

Simko, Kate & Howard, Tevo: Polyrhythmic (Vinyl LP)

Last Night on Earth

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PolyRhythmic displays Kate and Tevo's commitment to artistry in dance music. Twelve thoughtfully constructed tracks capture their versatility as musicians. 'No Regrets' is highlighted by iconic chilling vocals by Baz from Pirupa, whose keep-it-real lyrics sit on top of a track inspired by Prescription Records. 'Polyphonica' features locals near Tevo's studio on Granville in Chicago, and is the musical compliment to the album's theme PolyRhythmic. 'Tomorrow And Other Days' modern electro synths and 'Fall's classic acid sound show that Kate and Tevo remain ever focused on the future yet driven by their rich musical pasts. Tevo's classic Roland-303 baselines shine through on many of the productions, most identifiably in 'Bring it'. Originally called 'Detroit' due to Kate's Motor City-influenced chords, the vocal version was rehashed in New York last summer with a vocalist Amunet Shah. Shah, a house music lover herself, created raw NYC-style vocals. This standout production fuses together elements from Detroit, New York and Chicago house music. A testament to their origins, 'Beat Behavior' embodies a classic Chicago beat; the distorted snares accompanied with a melodic vocal hook bridge the gap between old school and modern. Although eclectic and dynamic, Kate and Tevo's sound of 'PolyRhythmic' is tied together by their old school house influence. Keeping their signature classic sound yet bringing a modern international influence, Kate Simko and Tevo Howard's 'PolyRhythmic' LP is a masterfully crafted production from two of the current days' most dedicated purveyors of house music. A natural alliance, 'PolyRhythmic' is an organic process by two artists who are eminently inspired by a varying array of styles. Combining their mutual passions, Kate and Tevo have created an authentic and soul-filled LP of the highest quality. Welcome to Polyrhythmic, Beat Behavior, Bring It, No Regrets, Polyphonica, Fall, Exotica Exhibition, Tomorrow and Other Days, Polyrhythmic Theme, Beat Behavior (Bon Voyage Mix), Electro Phases