Coombes, Gaz: Matador (Vinyl LP)

Coombes, Gaz: Matador (Vinyl LP)

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Limited deluxe colored vinyl LP pressing. U.S. release of the second solo album from the former Supergrass frontman. The follow-up to his debut album Here Come The Bombs, Matador was recorded in Coombes' home studio as well as Courtyard Studios in Oxfordshire. Most of the instruments on the album were performed by Gaz himself. There's this disposable vibe around music at the moment which is odd, because it's so obviously central to most people's lives, says Gaz. Life is full of moments of fear, loss and longing, but it's how you get through those things and triumph over them which define you. But there's as much light as there is dark on this record; there's beauty in both of those states and that has always intrigued me. Who could ever doubt it? Call it the return of the album if you like, but one thing's for sure. Matador is the sound of one of Britain's greatest songwriters facing the future with a flourish. Buffalo, 20/20, The English Rose, The Girl Who Fell to Earth, Detroit, Needle's Eye, Seven Walls, Oscillate, To the Wire, Is It on, Matador