Yak: Alas Salvation (Vinyl LP)

Yak: Alas Salvation (Vinyl LP)

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Limited vinyl LP pressing of this 2016 release. Just over a year since their first single Hungry Heart was released - a period that saw their unpredictable gigs and electrifying clutch of studio recordings earn them a reputation as the most exciting and talked about new act in the UK - Yak have channeled their ferocious live experience into their 2016 debut album Alas Salvation. Recorded with Pulp's Steve Mackey, it's a wired and ambitious record that refuses to be pigeonholed. Yet beneath all the head-spinning chaos lies a beating heart of great melodies and a hyperactively eclectic and inventive approach to making music. Victorious (National Anthem), Hungry Heart, Use Somebody, (Interlude I), Roll Another, Curtain Twitcher, Take It, Harbour the Feeling, Alas Salvation, Smile, Doo Wah, (Interlude II), Please Don't Wait for Me