Ol' Burger Beats: Immaculate (7-Inch Single)

Ol' Burger Beats: Immaculate (7-Inch Single)

Ol' Burger Beats

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This release features a new remix of jazz hip hop producer Ol' Burger Beats' 2014 track Immaculate. The track is featured by the New York rapper ScienZe and Norwegian turntablist DJ Chali. The original version is one of Ol' Burger Beats' finest tracks, and has been streamed close to two million times in Spotify alone. The new remix presents one of OBB's best instrumentals to this date, with a beautiful lo-fi hip hop beat, driven by moody electric piano chords and a mellow jazz percussion, the now trademark sound of Ol' Burger Beats. The A-side contains the new remix, while the B-side contains a remastered version of the original track (B1) and the new remix instrumental as track B2. The label photos are done by analog photographer Lisana Preteni, and the single is mastered by Christian Obermayer, who does audio for most of the Norwegian beats scene. The single is also one of the very first records pressed and produced in Norway since the 1980s, which makes it extra special. Only 300 copies are released by Ol' Burger Beats on his own label (cat. OBB008). Immaculate Remix (Feat. Scienze), Immaculate (Feat. Scienze) [Remastered], Immaculate Remix Instrumental