Spectre: Last Shall Be First (Vinyl LP)

Spectre: Last Shall Be First (Vinyl LP)

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LP version. Skiz Fernando aka Spectre tha Ill Saint ranks as an OG in the world of abstract beats. Forged in the fires of frustration over the corporate music industry, alter ego Spectre was an antidote to the commercial bullshit - a ghost rising from a rotting corpse, holding up a mirror to our diseased and disaffected society. Through his WordSound imprint, Fernando has worked tirelessly to document some of the greats of the underground scene. Simultaneously he has become a master in his own right, constantly upping the ante on experimentation and innovation. For the 2016 20th anniversary of his 1996 entry to the game, he presents The Last Shall Be First, another cutting-edge amalgam of styles, flavors, and influences with a spiritual heft to match. Enter the Holy Terror (4:14), The Annunaki's Return (6:01), Blofeld's Theme (Ill Saint Remix) (5:42), Darkstep 7 (5:36), Perseverance (1:14), Osiris Rising (4:07), Jamrock (4:30), Kush (5:21), Wipe Out (4:50), Last (2:29), Lowkey (3:39), Element 115 (3:54), No Justice (4:06)