Morrissey: 7-Inch Singles 91-95 (Vinyl LP)

Morrissey: 7-Inch Singles 91-95 (Vinyl LP)

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2009 seven inch vinyl box set containing reproductions of the nine solo singles from the former Smiths frontman released between '91 and '95. This second box consists of nine singles. Beginning with 'My Love Life', it moves through three singles from the Mick Ronson-produced '92 album Your Arsenal on to what's considered by many his greatest album - and final for Parlophone - Vauxhall and I. Also included is the '94 duet with Siouxsie Sioux, 'Interlude', and non-album singles 'Boxers' and 'Sunny', which indicated the direction he would take on his next album, Southpaw Grammar. B-sides include a live version of 'Suede head', the gorgeous 'Used to Be a Sweet Boy', Moz's exploration of London's underbelly, 'Have-A-Go Merchant' and 'Black-Eyed Susan', and an affecting version of 'Moon River'. EMI. My Love Life, I've Changed My Plea to Guilty, We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful, Suedehead, You're the One for Me Fatty, Pashernate Love, Certain People I Know, Jack the Ripper, The More You Ignore Me the Closer I Get, Used to Be a Sweet Boy, Hold on to Your Friends, Moonriver, Interlude - with Siouxsie, Interlude - Extended, Boxers, Have-A-Go Merchant, Sunny, Black-Eyed Susan