Nappy Music Man / Variousby Various Artists (Vinyl Record)

Various Artists: Nappy Music Man / Various (Vinyl LP)

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High quality tracks recorded in Port of Spain/Trinidad between 1975-1981 'Musical blend' of Trinidadian Calypso and American R'n'B and Pop music Contains tracks from the rare and in demand LP 'Embryo' Contains the rare and in demand disco track Hot For Your Love Embryo - Wajang Woman, Embryo - Soca (It's Soul Calypso), Embryo - Light The Light, Nadie La Fond - 3 Way Situation, Embryo - Nothing Is Impossible, Embryo - You're Too Easy, Nadie La Fond - Wanna Make Love To You, Richard 'Nappy' Mayers - Ebony Girl, Sound Revolution - Poor Man Son, Richard 'Nappy' Mayers - Music Man, Nadie La Fond - Wanna Believe In Love, Embryo - I Like To Make Love, Embryo - Easy Breezy, Richard 'Nappy' Mayers - Let Yourself Go, Ceasar - Makin' Bacchanal, Embryo - Go Down Dancin', Nadie La Fond - Hot For Your Love, Embryo - Love Is New