Team Kitty-Yo / Various: Team Kitty-yo (Vinyl LP)

Team Kitty-Yo / Various: Team Kitty-yo (Vinyl LP)

Kitty Yo

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Part one of the Team Kitty-Yo Double LP is unique statement and collection of yet unreleased material by new and well known artist of Kitty-Yo. It's a thrilling outlook on the near future of the label. Exclusive tracks by Tar water, Rechenzentrum, Raz Ohara, Taylor Savvy, Sex in Dallas, Rhythmking And Her Friends and Maximilian Hecker gather with new input by Kitty-Yo freshmen Jay Haze, Richard Davis und Spiritual to create am amazing experience for your ears. Jay Haze, Richard Davis und Spiritual will release their new records on Kitty-Yo throughout the first half of 2005. Furthermore let's get excited about a new astonishing track from the new Maximilian Hecker album Lady Sleep. Part two of Team Kitty-Yo is a free bonus CD to thank those who have supported the label the last decade. It's full of unreleased, vinyl only and simply forgotten tracks from various artist and reviews the variety and timeless sounds of Kitty-Yo. It features Tar water, Peaches & Gonzales, Kante, Louie Austen, Rhythm king And Her Friends, Sex in Dallas, Torococo Rot, Raz Ohara, Rechenzentrum und Preed. So grasp this beauty and turn it up!' 2005. Wir Sind Nicht Romantiques - Sex in Dallas, Unrealistic or the Truth, Treat Him Like a Lady (Sometimes) - Taylor Savvy, Offtune Soulseeds, Hymn [Hardman Remix] - Raz Ohara, Her Body Is Alive, Help Me - Maximilian Hecker, Going for the Gold - Jimi Tenor, Funk Limiter, Fifteen - Rhythm King ; Her Friends, Der See - Rechenzentrum, Crowd Control - Sue Cie Gold Chains, Appreciate - Jay Haze, Baron Samedi - Kante, Gonzales [Wake. Up. Remix], I'm Ersten Licht [MR. Bird ; Partner Version] - Kante, Get Paid [Remix By Rkahf] - Rhythm King ; Her Friends, Hot Pink Hot Sex - Peaches ; Gonzales, Brooka Toira Noi - Preed, Gonna Get Off Right Away II, Danger - Louie Austen, Where Is My Mind - Raz Ohara, Doppelgã¤Nger, Lost in la Playa - Sex in Dallas, Planet Janet - Rechenzentrum, Testfeld - to Rococo Rot