Uriah Heep: Innocent Victim (Vinyl LP)

Uriah Heep: Innocent Victim (Vinyl LP)


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Limited 180gm heavyweight vinyl LP pressing. Released in 1977, Innocent Victim is the 11th album released by British rock band Uriah Heep. Although it did not chart in the US or UK, Innocent Victim was highly successful in Germany and New Zealand. The single Free Me was a #1 hit in NZ. Innocent victim went on to sell well over one million copies in Germany alone. It reached #19 and #44 in NZ and Australia respectively. The eyes of drummer Lee Kerslake were used for the snake on the cover artwork. In the US, the sleeve was a live photomontage instead. Keep on Ridin', Flyin' High, Roller, Free N' Easy, Illusion, Free Me, Cheat N' Lie, The Dance, Choices