Belgian Vaults 3 / Various: Belgian Vaults 3 (Various Artists) (Vinyl LP)

Belgian Vaults 3 / Various: Belgian Vaults 3 (Various Artists) (Vinyl LP)

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Limited 180gm audiophile vinyl LP pressing including bonus CD edition and insert. The third volume in this unique series that focuses entirely on Belgian music in the ‘60s and early ‘70s and compiles many very hard to find tracks, mainly originally released as single on small, long forgotten labels. Pop, beat, rock 'n' roll, psych gems worthy to be re-discovered. This collection offers restored and remastered sound quality. The amazing album cover shots are from the hand of the Belgian photographer Raoul Van den Boom, one of the very few who was there when it all happened. Includes tracks by Union Jack, The Carriage Company, Light Fire and many others. Union Jack - Lady Masham, Light Fire - Heavy Chain, Roland and His Bluesworkshop - Your Trip Is Not Like Mine, Injun Joe - Someone, The Midgets - My Beer, Georgia Brown - Pollution, The Invocation - Third Letter from the Underworld, The Carriage Company - in Your Room, John Woolley ; Just Born - You're