Grandchildren: Zuni (Vinyl LP)

Grandchildren: Zuni (Vinyl LP)

Ernest Jenning

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Vinyl LP pressing. Known for their cinematic orchestrations blending folk, pop and electronic music, Grandchildren have been steadily making a name for themselves since songwriter Aleks Martray founded the group in Philadelphia in 2008. Since then the band has evolved into a dynamic ensemble of musicians, lauded by critics and fans alike for their intricately arrangements and high-energy performances, while touring the country with like-minded acts including Man Man, O'Death, and Rubblebucket. Martray attribute their eclectic sound to his nomadic upbringing across Europe, the US and Latin America and a reverence for music of the past. He explains, 'I grew up on everything from Michael Jackson, to Fela Kuti, to Rachmaninoff, so music was both a form of time travel and the one constant that held everything together.' This sense of a sonic journey and musical omnivorousness is what defined Grandchildren's first two albums - Everlasting (2010) and Golden Age (2013). With their third album Zuni, Grandchildren hone their distinctive ability to strike a poetic balance between the intimate and epic. Throughout the album, a joyful celebratory lightness is at battle with it's lyrical darkness, washing over them like a baptism. The resulting feeling is an elixir of moods that can best be described as a kind of 'dark pop' - a poetic tug of war between beauty and darkness, inspiration and despair, where simple heartfelt songs usher you through a landscape of complex rhythms and melodies.