Sunken Foal: Fallen Arches (Vinyl LP)

Sunken Foal: Fallen Arches (Vinyl LP)

Planet Mu

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Dublin act Sunken Foal consists of one Duncan Murphy, accompanied when he records or plays live by various friends and collaborators. On Fallen Arches and Fermented Condiments, the band's first two releases of intensely evocative guitar based electronic music, piano, strings, and occasional vocals build up and then collapse under the weight of digital rhythms that twist and turn at every juncture. Sounding not unlike an Irish Fennesz playing mandolin, these Sunken Foal's organic-sounding compositions have a definite 'plucked' feel, with subtly detuned instruments adding a slightly unsettling mood. In other words, Sunken Foal is right at home on Planet Mu. Dutch Elm, Without Any Thought, Cash Poor, A Bear in the Hermitage, Can't Fuck the Moonlight, Pumpy McGee, Foathing, On Platinum Rays, The Rotunda, Rikkic, Hindsight Is 20:20, Triplehorn