Terror Danjah: Power Grid (Vinyl LP)

Terror Danjah: Power Grid (Vinyl LP)

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Double vinyl LP pressing of this 2010 EP from veteran producer Terror Danjah. Power Grid ranges from the spiky, minimal Space Traveller and synthy beasts like Twisted to the vicious title track that pits shuffling two-step drums against a dark, fierce bass-line and the occasional firing breakbeat. Upton Lane contrasts a twinkling synth melody with big kick drums and nervy chords, while Horror Story goes cold and minimal with shivery bass, sliding drums and spooked-out harp chords. Danjah picks up a lot of pieces from rave's past (the Gremlin sample, an oft-noted resemblance to the Prodigy's Charly) but instead of seeing it all in nostalgic sepia tones, he does what he usually does: roughs things up. Space Traveller, Menace, Pulse, Twisted, Power Grid, Upton Lane, Horror Story, Ride 4 Me