Damon & Naomi: False Beats and True Hearts (Vinyl LP)

Damon & Naomi: False Beats and True Hearts (Vinyl LP)


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Vinyl LP pressing. 2011 album from the Indie duo, best known for their work as 2/3rds of Galaxie 500. False Beats And True Hearts is their first album of new recordings in four years. A record of lush possibility and depth, False Beats And True Hearts fuses the skill of music veterans with the fervor of artists continuing to create at the top of their craft. With the reissue of the first Damon & Naomi record, a retrospective of their mid-career highlights, and, perhaps most notably, re-releases of all three seminal Galaxie 500 albums, there's been a lot of looking back. It's therefore appropriate that the first song off the album is Walking Backwards, an ode to the joy of nostalgia and warmth of reflection. Walking Backwards, How Do I Say Goodbye, Shadow Boxing, Ophelia, Nettles and Ivy, What She Brings, Embers, And You Are There, Helsinki