Last Nite In Paradiseby Aquarian Blood (Vinyl Record)

Aquarian Blood: Last Nite In Paradise (Vinyl LP)

Goner Records

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Limited vinyl LP pressing. 2017 release. Aquarian Blood is a crew of six (sometimes seven) Memphis degenerates from assorted generations playing hypnotic, synthy tracks whose main ruminations are cults, the paranormal, and other obscurities-whirlwind, weirdo punk soaked in the brain-goo pouring out of the ears of an acid freak. Led by husband and wife duo JB Horrell (Ex-Cult, Moving Finger) and Laurel Ferdon (Nots, Moving Finger), the project began as bedroom recordings that yielded two now out-of-print tapes of total trippiness on the ZAP cassette label, and one completely unhinged monster of a single on Goner. Last Nite In Paradise is their debut album. Heaven Is in My Head, Won't Forget to Die, Eat 2 Survive, Sex Is Pure / Love Is Blind, Playboy / Playgirl, Funeral Moon, Thing, Blood Chant, Cold Foreign Adviser, Get Wet, Parasite Inside, Skin Suit 'Mother's Clothes', I'm Lit, Horns, Asshole in the Castle