The Elected: Bury Me in My Rings (Vinyl LP)

The Elected: Bury Me in My Rings (Vinyl LP)

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As of spring 2010, Blake Sennett, had quit music. No more Rilo Kiley, no more The Elected. So why is there a new record by The Elected, titled BURY ME IN MY RINGS? It was simply the interest of friend and colleague Jason Cupp that culled Blake from the depths and had him writing again. More than a mere dalliance, this former side project now begs the attention reserved for one's main focus. As the ghosts of Rilo Kiley fade into the ether, BURY ME IN MY RINGS presents the man responsible an opportunity to further himself from the past, and to continue to develop his artistic identity. Born to Love You, Babyface, Look at Me Now, Jailbird, Go for the Throat, This Will Be Worth It, Trip Round the World, When I'm Gone, Who Are You, Have You Been Cheated, See the Light, Time Is Coming