Johnson, Jack: En Concert (Vinyl LP)

Johnson, Jack: En Concert (Vinyl LP)

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Double vinyl LP pressing. 2009 live release from the acclaimed singer/songwriter. En Concert represents some of his finest performances. From sharing the stage at Bonnaroo with Eddie Vedder, to leading a massive sing along at Bercy in Paris, to wowing a festival crowd at Outside Lands, to stepping onto the stage alone to close the show at Red Rocks. Longtime crowd favorites from Jack's catalog are interwoven with passages from some of Jack's own favorite songs. Belle/Banana Pancakes, If I Had Eyes, Do You Remember/Remember, Sleep Through the Static, Flake, Bubble Toes/Express Yourself, Wasting Time, What You Thought You Need, Country Road, Staple It Together, Sitting Waiting Wishing, Constellations, The Horizon Has Been Defeated/Mother and Child Reunion, Good People, All at Once, Gone, Home, Times Like These, Angel/Better Together