Johnson, Jack: To the Sea (Vinyl LP)

Johnson, Jack: To the Sea (Vinyl LP)


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US vinyl LP pressing. 2010 release, the fifth studio album from the acclaimed singer/songwriter. The album was produced by Robert Carranza, Jack Johnson, and his band-mates Merlo Podlewski, Zach Gill and Adam Topol. To the Sea features guest appearances from the likes of G. Love, and Paula Fuga. The album was recorded at the Mango Tree Studio in Hawaii, and the Solar Powered Plastic Plant in LA using 100% solar power. You and Your Heart, To the Sea, No Good with Faces, At or with Me, When I Look Up, From the Clouds, My Little Girl, Turn Your Love, The Upsetter, Red Wine Mistakes Mythology, Pictures of People Taking Pictures, Anything But the Truth, Only the Ocean