Zz Top: La Futura (Vinyl LP)

Zz Top: La Futura (Vinyl LP)


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2012 reissue on 2 180-gram vinyl 12 45 rpm discs. The influential sounds of this blues-rock trio came from the lead vocals and guitar riffs of Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill's bass guitar and back-up vocals and finally, the steady beat of Frank Beard's drums. Going back to their early sound and making a case for the extreme impact they have had on other artists, you get 10 classic ZZ Top songs in their fifteenth album entitled La Futura. Now pressed onto two 180-gram vinyl 45 RPM discs, you get I Gotsta Get Paid, Chartreuse, Consumption, I Don't Wanna Lose, Lose You, It's Too Easy Manana, Over You, Have a Little Mercy and more. Gotsta Get Paid, Have a Littel Mercy, Chartreuse, Consumption, Over You, Heartache in Blue, I Don't Wanna Lose Lose You, Flyin' High, It's Too Easy Manana, Big Shiny Nine