Frank Sinatra: Moonlight Sinatra (Vinyl LP)

Frank Sinatra: Moonlight Sinatra (Vinyl LP)

Reprise / Umgd

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Limited 180gm vinyl LP repressing. Released in 1966 on Reprise, MOONLIGHT SINATRA was arranged and conducted by Nelson Riddle. The tracks featured on the album all thematically feature the moon. A romantic listen and a real gem of an album, MOONLIGHT SINATRA is also a loose tribute to Bing Crosby. Moonlight Becomes You (Side 1), Moon Song (Side 1), Moonlight Serenade (Side 1), Reaching for the Moon (Side 1), I Wished on the Moon (Side 1), Oh You Crazy Moon (Side 2), The Moon Got in My Eyes (Side 2), Moonlight Mood (Side 2), Moon Love (Side 2), The Moon Was Yellow (And the Night Was Young) (Side 2)