Aiko, Jhene: Souled Out (Vinyl LP)

Aiko, Jhene: Souled Out (Vinyl LP)

Def Jam

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Vinyl LP. Examining enlightenment in the wake of heartbreak, relationships and personal challenges, Jhene Aiko delivers a sparkling R&B album that is influenced by old skool R&B, psychedelia and hip-hop. Some electronica is thrown in for good measure. It is a mix that works well on 2014's Souled Out because it debuted on the Billboard 200 chart at #3! The singles To Love & Die, The Pressure and Wading all helped to promote the album, which was produced by No I.D. To Love & Die features a guest spot for the artist Cocaine 80s, and the rapper Common contributes to Pretty Bird. A veteran of the R&B scene, this original double LP pressing is Aiko's debut as a solo artist. Def Jam Records. Limbo Limbo Limbo, W.A.Y.S, To Love ; Die, Spotless Mind, It's Cool, Lyin King, Wading, The Pressure, Brave, Eternal Sunshine, Promises, Pretty Bird (Freestyle), Remember, Blue Dream