The Beach Boys: 15 Big Ones (LP) (Vinyl LP)

The Beach Boys: 15 Big Ones (LP) (Vinyl LP)


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Limited 180 gram vinyl LP pressing of this classic album by the California Pop/Rock legends. 15 Big Ones was their 20th studio album released in July 1976. It was their first studio album since Holland three years earlier, and the first produced by Brian Wilson since Pet Sounds ten years earlier. With Blondie Chaplin and Ricky Fataar having left the group, 15 Big Ones marks the first album to feature the classic five-piece lineup of the Beach Boys (brothers Brian, Carl, and Dennis Wilson; cousin Mike Love; and friend Al Jardine) since 1965's The Beach Boys Today! Rock And Roll Music 2:26, It's O.K. 2:18, Had To Phone Ya 2:13, Chapel Of Love 2:34, Everyone's In Love With You 2:40, Talk To Me 2:13, Medley, That Same Song 2:14, T M Song 1:34, Palisades Park 2:29, Susie Cincinnati 2:55, A Casual Look 2:43, Blueberry Hill 3:01, Back Home 2:47, In The Still Of The Night 3:01, Just Once In My Life