The Beach Boys: L.A. (Light Album) (Vinyl LP)

The Beach Boys: L.A. (Light Album) (Vinyl LP)


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Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing of this classic album by the California Pop/Rock legends. L.A. (Light Album) was their 23rd studio album, released in March 1979. Produced by Bruce Johnston, James William Guercio and the band itself, the album was The Beach Boys' first on CBS Records, and the first to feature contributions from Johnston since his departure from the band in 1972. Johnston was brought in when it became clear that the ailing Brian Wilson was in no fit state to produce the album, and has remained in the band ever since. Good Timin' 2:10, Lady Lynda, Full Sail 3:28, Angel Come Home 3:54, Love Surrounds Me 3:37, Sumahama 4:28, Here Comes The Night, Baby Blue, Goin' South 3:14, Shortenin' Bread