Various Artists: Fats Navarro Memorial Album (Vinyl LP)

Various Artists: Fats Navarro Memorial Album (Vinyl LP)

Blue Note Records

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Limited 10 vinyl reissue. The release is part of the Blue Note 75 anniversary vinyl reissue campaign. Blue Note Records is a legendary Jazz label established in 1939. It derives it's name from the characteristic Blue Notes of Jazz and the Blues. Originally dedicated to recording traditional Jazz and small group swing, from 1947 the label began to switch it's attention to modern Jazz. Theodore Fats Navarro was an American Jazz trumpeter who was a pioneer of Bebop in the '40s. A celebrated musician, Navarro performed with legends like Bud Powell, J.J. Johnson, Charlie Parker and Charles Mingus. Navarro's last performance was with Charlie Parker on July 1, 1950 at Birdland; he passed six days later at just 26. The Fats Navarro Memorial Album is a celebration of Navarro's talent and is reissued in it's original 10 form as part of an overall Blue Note vinyl initiative. The Squirrel, 52nd St. Theme, Lady Bird, The Chase, Double Talk, Dameronia, Our Delight