Mobley, Hank: Workout (Vinyl LP)

Mobley, Hank: Workout (Vinyl LP)

Blue Note Records

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Limited vinyl LP pressing. Originally released in 1962, Workout by jazz tenor saxophonist Hank Mobley is part of the Blue Note 75 anniversary vinyl reissue campaign - featuring 100 titles. Key to the initiative is high quality audio at affordable prices. Hank Mobley was an American hard bop and soul jazz tenor saxophonist and composer. Mobley was described by Leonard Feather as the middleweight champion of the tenor saxophone, a metaphor used to describe his tone, that was neither as aggressive as John Coltrane nor as mellow as Stan Getz, and his style that was laid-back, subtle and melodic, especially in contrast with players like Sonny Rollins and Coltrane. Workout, Uh Huh, Smokin', The Best Things in Life Are Free, Greasin' Easy