Sonic Youth: Murray Street (Vinyl LP)

Sonic Youth: Murray Street (Vinyl LP)

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Limited vinyl LP pressing. 2002 album by the alt/experimental-rock pioneers. Named after the New York street where their studio was situated - and where a plane engine landed on September 11, 2001 - Murray Street is potent, accessible, daring, and often obliteratingly lovely. For a start, the first three songs (The Empty Page, Disconnection Notice, and Rain On Tin) easily rank with the highlights of SY's previous 15 albums. Obliquely melancholic, tuneful but unorthodox, all are enriched by great cascades of intricate three-guitar noise. Murray Street was the first album by the band to feature Jim O'Rourke as an official fifth member to bolster the group's sound. The Empty Page, Disconnection Notice, Karen Revisited, Rain on Tin, Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style, Plastic Sun, Sympathy for the Strawberry