Earle, Steve: Copperhead Road (Vinyl LP)

Earle, Steve: Copperhead Road (Vinyl LP)

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Limited 180 gram heavyweight vinyl LP pressing. Copperhead Road is the third studio album by Steve Earle, originally released in 1988. The album is often referred to as Earle's first rock record; Earle himself calls it the world's first blend of heavy metal and bluegrass, and the January 26, 1989 review of the album by Rolling Stone suggested that the style be called power twang. Copperhead Road is the injection of a fierce arena-sized guitar sound that saw an unabashed hard rock stylistic shift which spawned critical and commercial acclaim on a global scale - the defining title track remaining a timeless foot-stomping rock staple. Copperhead Road 4:31, Snake Oil 3:29, Back to the Wall 5:25, The Devil's Right Hand 2:59, Johnny Come Lately 4:06, Even When I'm Blue 4:11, You Belong to Me 4:21, Waiting on You 5:07, Once You Love 4:42, Nothing But a Child 4:27