At Night, Aloneby Mike Posner (Vinyl Record)

Mike Posner: At Night, Alone (Vinyl LP)


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Limited double vinyl LP pressing. 2016 release. Previously known for his multi-platinum smash hit Cooler Than Me, songwriting credit on Maroon 5 Sugar, Justin Bieber Boyfriend, and a slew of other hits, Posner's album is a compilation of artfully crafted songs, that are sure to keep listeners wanting more. Posner said country singer Jake Owen encouraged him to tell the truth in his songs and showed him artists like Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard, which made Posner realize that you can just literally say the truth and it's beautiful, and it's heart-wrenching and it's funny. The album is inspired by country music according to Posner: So, like, the way I was inspired by hip-hop when I first started and would sort of sing hip-hop, this new (music) is kind of my take on country music. It doesn't sound country and no one uses the word country to describe it, but it's me trying to do country and it comes out weird and different. At Night Alone (Interlude), I Took a Pill in Ibiza, Be As You Are, Be As You Are, Arms of a Stranger, Iris, Iris, Jade, Jade, Buried in Detroit/Thank You, Buried in Detroit, Not That Simple, Be As You Are, In the Arms of a Stranger, Be As You Are (Jordanxl Remix), Arms of a Stranger (Brian Kierulf Remix), Silence Feat. Labrinth (Sluggo X Loote Remix), Buried in Detroit (Lucas Löwe Remix)