Culcha Vulchaby Snarky Puppy (Vinyl Record)

Snarky Puppy: Culcha Vulcha (Vinyl LP)

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Double vinyl LP pressing. 2016 release. Snarky Puppy introduces their first new band album in two years, Culcha Vulcha. The album title refers to how we - the Western civilized world - have all become slaves to pop culture, consuming as many messages to buy, be and get as possible. The album is a slight departure for Snarky Puppy; darker, with elements of rock along with brilliant flourishes of R&B, funk, soul, jazz, bossa nova, electric blues and more. True! Standout tracks: Big Ugly, Semente and Grown Folks. Tarova 3:39, Semente 7:12, Gemini 5:15, Grown Folks 7:57, Beep Box 4:01, GØ 8:53, The Simple Life 4:02, Palermo 6:37, Big Ugly 9:09