Crowded House: Afterglow (Vinyl LP)

Crowded House: Afterglow (Vinyl LP)


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Limited 180gm vinyl LP repressing. In celebration of Crowded House's 30th anniversary, all vinyl re-issues have been cut from the original analogue tapes at Abbey Road Studios on 180 gram vinyl. Originally released in 1999, this collection brings together some of the band's finest rarities, b-sides and soundtrack cuts. Crowded House formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1985. The founding members were New Zealander Neil Finn (vocalist, guitarist, primary songwriter) and Australians Paul Hester (drums) and Nick Seymour (bass). Originally active from 1985 to 1996, the band had consistent commercial and critical success in Australia and New Zealand and international chart success as well. I Am in Love, Sacred Cow, You Can Touch, Help Is Coming, I Love You Dawn, Dr. Livingston, My Tellys' Gone Bung, Private Universe, Lester, Anyone Can Tell, Recurring Dream [Remastered], Left Hand, Time Immemorial