Soft Cell: The Art Of Falling Apart [LP/12 Combo] (Vinyl LP)

Soft Cell: The Art Of Falling Apart [LP/12 Combo] (Vinyl LP)


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Limited double vinyl LP pressing includes the original vinyl LP plus limited 12 single that came with initial pressings. The Art Of Falling Apart is the second full length album by Soft Cell, reaching #5 on the UK charts. This reissue features the epic 'Martin' (based on the obscure George Romero psycho/vampires movie) on the bonus 12' just like the original release. That very same 12 single includes the controversial 10+ minute Hendrix Medley that delighted fans but shocked those without a sense of humor who couldn't comprehend why a synth-based band would record Jimi Hendrix songs. Blasphemy! The album includes the singles Where the Heart Is and the double A-sided single Numbers / Barriers. Forever the Same (Side A), Where the Heart Is (Side A), Numbers (Side A), Heat (Side A), Kitchen Sink Drama (Side B), Baby Doll (Side B), Loving You Hating Me (Side B), The Art of Falling Apart (Side B), Martin (Side A), Hendrix Medley