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Beck: Guero (Vinyl LP)

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Limited vinyl LP pressing. Beck kept fans and critics guessing about how he'd follow up Sea Change and in 2005 released the genre-mashing Guero which shot to #2 on the Billboard Top 200-his highest charting album to date. Beck's eighth album saw him reuniting with the Dust Brothers with an assist from producer Tony Hoffer (Midnite Vultures), for a tour de force of Latin rhythms, rhymes, guitars, beats, samples, 8-bit electronics, turntables and vocoder for a fun and freewheeling ride through rock, hip-hop, boss nova, country-blues and soul. Album opener and lead single, 'E-Pro' went to # 1 on the Billboard Modern Rock Chart, while 'Girl,' 'Hell Yes,' 'Go It Alone' (featuring Jack White on bass) and more became instant fan favorites. The album was a hit with critics as well with New York magazine enthusing, 'Beck integrates his personae into a fairly seamless whole, and his knack for synthesizing disparate musical elements (hip-hop, robot funk, blues, country, jazz, garage rock, etc.) extends beyond samples and individual tracks. The songs migrate smoothly from one to the next; there aren't any throwaway numbers to sabotage the album's momentum; the whole thing coheres,' while Rolling Stone dubbed it 'his liveliest and jumpiest music in years.' E-Pro 3:22, Qué Onda Guero 3:29, Girl 3:29, Missing 4:43, Black Tambourine 2:47, Earthquake Weather 4:26, Hell Yes 3:17, Broken Drum 4:29, Scarecrow 4:15, Go It Alone 4:08, Farewell Ride 4:18, Rental Car 3:06, Emergency Exit 4:03