Lovehatetragedyby Papa Roach (Vinyl Record)

Papa Roach: Lovehatetragedy (Vinyl LP)

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Limited vinyl LP pressing. Lovehatetragedy is the third album by nu-metal rockers Papa Roach. It was released on June 18, 2002. According to Papa Roach, the band wanted to incorporate more singing over rapping into their music. However, although Lovehatetragedy doesn't have as much rapping as Infest, some tracks do feature rapping. Lovehatetragedywas the band's last album to feature a nu-metal sound and rapping until the release of The Connection a decade later in 2012. The album begins to showcase the singing melodies that lead vocalist Jacoby Shaddix would use in the follow-up albums but still retains some rapping like it's predecessor. M - 80 (Explosive Energy Movement)(Side A), Life Is a Bullet (Side A), Time and Time Again (Side A), Walking Thru Barbed Wire (Side A), Decompression Period (Side A), Born with Nothing Die with Everything (Side A), She Loves Me Not (Side B), Singular Indestructible (Side B) Droid, Black Clouds (Side B), Code of Energy (Side B), Lovehatetragedy (Side B)