Source Tags And Codesby And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead (Vinyl Record)

And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead: Source Tags And Codes (Vinyl LP)

Interscope Records

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Double vinyl LP pressing includes three bonus tracks plus an etching on Side D/4. Source Tags & Codes is the third album (and first for Interscope) from the alt-rock band,... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. It is often cited as the band's finest work, yielding a sound texture that teeters on implosion and seeing the band yank the melody back at the last second. Source Tags & Codes was met with critical acclaim, receiving a score of 85 out of 100 on review aggregate site Metacritic, indicating universal acclaim. The Austin Chronicle's Michael Chamy called Source Tags & Codes an album that absolutely cannot be ignored. Noel Murray of The A.V. Club wrote that the band plays imaginative alt-rock with intense passion, and Source Tags & Codes let's the pressure build exquisitely. Noting it's angular, Sonic Youth-style guitar and earnest anger, Blender's Michael Leonard credited the album for being more engaging than many of [the band's] post-rock peers, while Uncut similarly wrote that compared to so many noisemongers, TOD understand that restraint enables unleashed firepower to be exhilarating and awesome. Invocation - Non Album Version (Side A), It Was There That I Saw You - Album Version (Side A), Another Morning Stoner - Album Version (Side A), Baudelaire - Album Version (Side A), Homage - E P (Side A), How Near How Far - Album Version (Side B), Life Is Elsewhere - Non Album Version (Side B), Heart in the Hand of the Matter - Album Version (Side B), Monsoon - Album Version (Side B), Days of Being Wild - Album Version (Side B), Relative Ways - E P, After the Laughter - Album Version, Source Tags ; Codes - Album Version, Blood Rites - E P