Hollow Sunshine: Bring Gold (Vinyl LP)

Hollow Sunshine: Bring Gold (Vinyl LP)

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Led by Reuben Sawyer, acclaimed visual artist (Deafheaven, Chelsea Wolfe) and multiinstrumentalist (Dry Insides, Blood Bright Star). Hollow Sunshine is led by renowned artist and multi-instrumentalist Reuben Sawyer. The band's sophomore LP Bring Gold sees thick and pensive clouds roll in over their established sludge pop sound: think the sad shoegaze of Nothing or Jesu infused with the poppy guitar sludge of Torche and Hum. Guitars and bass churn away, with Sawyer tapping into fascinatingly dense guitar sculptures while singer and bassist Morgan Enos anchors the noise with gracefully hook-laden vocals, often augmented by guest Nina Chase of Some Ember. For all it's melancholic and nostalgic energy though, the album suggests redemption, optimism, an alchemic change - bringing gold. Hollow Sunshine was originally formed in 2010 as Sawyer's doom side-project and evolved into a fully realized band, putting out the full-length Held Above (Robotic Empire)in 2013 and the EPs Cold Truth (Nostalgium Directive) and Atascadero (Bridgetown Tapes) in 2014.