Foreign Tongues: Fragile, As Said Before (Vinyl LP)

Foreign Tongues: Fragile, As Said Before (Vinyl LP)

No Sleep Records

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No Sleep Records is proud to announce the signing of revered New England indie-rock band Foreign Tongues. - Debut full-length LP, recorded at Getaway Recording's studio in Boston with Defeater guitarist and producer Jay Maas, whose credits include Polar Bear Club, Title Fight and Bane. - The band has released a handful of critically acclaimed EPs over the last few years, including 2013's Glue (Youth Conspiracy) and their 2014 No Sleep debut split with The Felix Culpa. Fools of Love, Assembly, Halo, Hurt You, Little Doors, Sundress, Concrete Pillow, Placebo, Collect Yourself, Leap Year, Our Fragile Pain