Sonic Poison: Sonic Poison (7-Inch Single)

Sonic Poison: Sonic Poison (7-Inch Single)

Lifeline Records

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SONIC POISON are everything HC/Punk should be.. Fast, hard, and un-compromising. In this case, all of this is the embodiment of Rick Dick Lopez, better known as the bassist of Punk Legends THE CASUALTIES, here to prove he's as bad ass on 6-string guitar as he is on bass. Add to the mix Ron Grimaldi of DEATHCYCLE on vox, Anthony Corallo of SHEER TERROR, CONCRETE CROSS, and DISNIHIL on drums, and Tom Clavin of CONCRETE CROSS and DISNIHIL on bass, and you have the framework of something awesome. And it's all captured here on their first self titled 7 EP; recorded by Anthony Corallo himself in late 2014.. Some of it in Rick's basement, the rest at the SONIC POISON practice space. The SONIC POISON self titled 7 EP is packaged perfectly with some amazing old-school style artwork by Chad Lawson. All of this makes for one seriously awesome release for LIFELINE RECORDS in 2015.