Barenaked Ladies: Stunt (Vinyl LP)

Barenaked Ladies: Stunt (Vinyl LP)

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Double vinyl LP pressing including additional tracks. Digitally remastered and expanded 20th Anniversary edition. Humor dominated the early recordings of this Canadian alt-pop band, but razor-sharp hooks and a stellar set of electric and acoustic songs helped this 1998 album become their breakthrough, a #3 LP in the U.S. that went four times platinum. This year marks the 20th anniversary of this album and the 30th birthday of the band. Stunt is their fourth and most successful album - it entered the US charts at #3 and sold over four million units by the end of it's chart run. It's first single, One Week became the band's breakthrough single in the US market by hitting #1 (selling over five million copies). One Week, It's All Been Done, Light Up My Room, I'll Be That Girl, Leave, Alcohol, Call and Answer, In the Car, Never Is Enough, Who Needs Sleep?, Told You So, Some Fantastic (Ivory and Ivory), When You Dream