Howard Shore: The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy Soundtrack (Vinyl LP)

Howard Shore: The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy Soundtrack (Vinyl LP)

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Limited six vinyl LP set. The Lord of the Rings was directed by Peter Jackson and features a score composed by Howard Shore. The trilogy earned a total of 17 Academy Awards®, including three for music. Beyond critical acclaim, the music from the films also enjoyed wide commercial success, collectively selling over 7 million albums. - The music for all three films was composed, orchestrated and conducted by Howard Shore. His music was performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, with contributions from two choirs: London Voices and London Oratory School Schola. - There's probably never been as ambitious a film score as Howard Shore's 10-hour epic for the Lord of the Rings series... The music is rich and complex, drawing on a vast range of styles and exotic instruments to evoke J.R.R. Tolkien's world... Shore uses an elaborate leitmotif technique (where musical themes are associated with specific characters or ideas, and are developed across the entire series) to hold the sprawling tale together. Lush, beautiful and full of intriguing surprises, it's no wonder that it's become one of the most popular film scores ever written. The Prophecy, Concerning Hobbits, The Shadow of the Past, The Treason of Isengard, The Black Rider, At the Sign of the Prancing Pony, A Knife in the Dark, Flight to the Ford, Many Meetings, The Council of Elrond (Feat. Aniron (Theme for Aragorn and Arwen)), The Ring Goes South, A Journey in the Dark, The Bridge of Khazad Dum, Lothlorien (Feat. Lament for Gandalf), The Great River, Amon Hen, The Breaking of the Fellowship (Feat. In Dreams), May It Be - By Enya, Foundations of Stone, The Taming of Smeagol, The Riders of Rohan, The Passage of the Marshes, The Uruk-Hai, The King of the Golden Hall, The Black Gate Is Closed, Evenstar, The White Rider, Treebeard, The Leave Taking, Helm's Deep, The Forbidden Pool, Breath of Life, The Hornburg, Forth Eorlingas, Isengard Unleashed, Samwise the Brave, Gollum's Song - By Emiliana Torrini, A Storm Is Coming, Hope and Memory, Minas Tirith, The White Tree, The Steward of Gondor, Minas Morgul, The Ride of the Rohirrim, Twilight and Shadow, Cirith Ungol, Anduril, Shelob's Lair, Ash and Smoke, The Fields of the Pelenor, Hope Fails, The Black Gate Opens, The End of All Things, The Return of the King, The Grey Havens, Into the West - By Annie Lennox