2011 Solo with Myself EPby Thomonic (Vinyl Record)

Thomonic: 2011 Solo with Myself EP (Vinyl LP)

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This debut EP marks the start of a series of EPs which Thomonic will be publishing in the next few years. The goal of this long-term project is to collaborate with other musicians and experiment with unusual constellations of instruments. Thomonic's electric bass will always be at the centre of these activities, but it's role will be neither as simple accompaniment nor as the domineering, virtuoso plaything. It will all be about concept music discovering the electric bass anew. The six tracks (vinyl bonus track inclusive) on this solo EP document Thomonic's first steps in this direction. It's about his attempt to enter into a dialogue with himself, musically, as a soloist and, at the same time, as a duo, a trio, et cetera. All of the tracks came into being in the course of 2011 (except vinyl bonus track 'Back in Leipzig'), and were recorded in nocturnal recording sessions at his home. The only equipment Thomonic used was a six-string electric bass (Human Base), a bass amplifier (Glockenklang) and a hard-disc recorder (Boss). The music thus produced is in equal parts purist and artificial, reduced and technically enhanced. Enjoy it! Living in Eisenach, Seeing New York Again, Working in Weimar, Travelling to Tokyo, Dreaming of Rio, Back in Leipzig (Vinyl Bonus Track)